A needle in a haystack

The idea of “looking for a needle in a haystack” is a good description of what Jim and I are doing right now as we’re in the process of looking at Biblical key terms. It’s like we’re going through a concordance of words and checking each verse we’ve done in Culina to see if the term is expressed the way we want it. Right away in the words that start with “a” Jim found an old term for angel that we had neglected to catch and change when we revised Revelations. For years we’ve been changing the former “God’s Word bringer-downer” to “God’s heavenly sent one,” but there in Rev. 22:16 we found we had Jesus saying he would send his word “bringer-downer.” So we got that corrected, and could see the use of the key term program we’re using.

But on some other terms, the translations are not so specific, and we are just not sure what to do! For example, for the term “nations,” we have it translated over a dozen ways! We’ve got non-Jews, Samaritans, people of the whole earth, those who live all around in different countries, people who live in other countries, etc., etc… So do we need to be more consistent and change some of the terms? Or do we just say “We’ve got it covered” and leave them as they are?

Having inconsistently translated terms is not a big deal for the people, because they are going to understand what they’re reading. But if someone comes along who compares English or Spanish Scripture to Culina, they might be critical of the translation and by making negative comments they could cause the people to reject it! Things like that have happened in other languages!

So we continue searching, considering, pondering, asking questions and looking for the needles that don’t belong in our haystack. Needles can do damage to children playing in the hay or animals that eat it. Pray with us that we can find the ones that need to be gotten out!Image


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